Jeevandhara Borewell has years of experience in providing borewell drilling services to the clients in Odisha.

Borewell Experts

The founder of this company is Mr D.R Sutar. He started this establishment in the year 1998 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Bhubaneswar has more than 4900 Borewell contracts as on date. He is one of the original drilling contractors who has been providing his services in this industry since 1998.

Over the years the company has built a reputation by drilling long-lasting points and backing them with a “personal” service unheard of in the drilling industry, We wre provides All types of borewell, Drilling, Road Works and Civil Construction.

The founder of this company is Mr D.R Sutar. He started this establishment in the yearJeevandhara Borewell has been giving best borewell services to its customers since years. In spite of the fact that there are more than 200 borewell contractors in Bhubaneswar these days, still, D.R sutar remains as the most.

There are many borewell drilling companies in Odisha. The best one is Jeevandhara Borewell.  Jeevandhara Borewell’s team of experienced professionals has the latest equipment and technology to provide clients with the best borewell drilling services.

When it comes to obtaining a water well on your property in Bhubaneswar, you have two options: hiring a private water well driller or attempting a DIY approach with online how-to guides. However, we strongly recommend seeking the expertise of an experienced well driller in Bhubaneswar.

The water borewell drilling process typically involves the following steps:

Survey of the Property: The initial step in drilling a water borewell in Bhubaneswar is to survey the area where the well will be located. Using a survey compass, the well driller determines the well’s axis, a crucial factor that dictates the well’s construction and water flow direction.

Drilling the Well: After completing the survey, the well is drilled using specialized drilling equipment. In some instances, multiple wells may be necessary on your property to obtain an adequate water supply.

Borehole Seal Installation: Once the drilling is complete, the well must be sealed to prevent debris and water leakage. A borehole seal is installed by the driller to ensure the well’s safety and integrity.

Hand-Pump Installation: Not all water wells in Bhubaneswar yield water immediately. Depending on the well’s depth, a hand-pump installation may be required. The driller assesses the need for a hand-pump and installs it accordingly.

Catchment Basin Creation: To prevent contamination of nearby water sources, the well driller constructs a catchment basin around the well, ensuring that the water flows safely from the well.

Well Head and Pump Installation: Following the borewell drilling, the installation of a well head and pump is essential. The well head contains multiple valves to control water flow and pressure, while the pump is responsible for extracting water from the well.

Well Testing: After completing all the aforementioned steps, it’s crucial to conduct testing to ensure the well functions as intended. During this phase, water is pumped from the well and measured to confirm that it reaches the specified depth.


Benefits of Installing a Water Borewell in Bhubaneswar:

There are several compelling reasons to consider installing a water borewell on your property in Bhubaneswar:

  • Protecting Water Sources: Borewell water is easily accessible, reducing reliance on groundwater and nearby wells. This preservation of local resources helps prevent damage or depletion in the area.

  • Improved Health: Well water is typically free from contaminants like parasites and bacteria, making it a healthier drinking option compared to groundwater. It undergoes thorough purification and contains fewer minerals.

  • Enhanced Sanitation: Installing a well contributes to improved sanitation in neighboring communities, as clean well water is essential for maintaining hygienic bathrooms and toilets.

  • Convenience and Comfort: Having on-site well water offers numerous conveniences, including easy access to clean water without the need for long journeys. It also improves shower experiences and simplifies daily chores like laundry, ensuring a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle.


Borewell Experts

Investing in water borewell drilling can significantly enhance the quality of life on your property in Bhubaneswar while safeguarding precious water resources.

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